How to do a mass update on the envelopes in GIS


For example, you’ve created a lot of envelopes on the Development server and all
of them use test Sender and/or Receiver ID, Test Indicator = T and so on. You need to
change and move these envelopes to your Production environment but it would take a lot of time
changing them one by one.

Solution 1:

You can export the envelopes you want to change into an XML file, open this file in a text editor and make your changes. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to Deployment -> Resource Management -> Import/Export
  2. Click on the Export -> Go button001
  3. Select “XML Document” (default) and click the “Next” button:
  4. Select “No” for “Do you wish to export resources based on a tag name?” (default)
    and click the “Next” button:
  5. Select “Standard” for ” Which type of export should be performed on versioned resources?”
    (default) and click the “Next” button:
  6. Select “Trading Partner Data” and click “Next”:
  7. Select “Envelopes” and click “Next”:
  8. Select “No” for ” Export Private Certificates ?” (default) and click the “Next”
  9. Select the envelopes you want to change and click “Next”:
  10. Enter the Passphrase (you’ll need it when you do Import) and click “Next”:
  11. Click “Finish”:
  12. Download Export.xml file:
  13. Open it in any text editor. I prefer to use special XML editors, but it’s possible
    to use MS Notepad:
  14. Select Edit -> Replace (or click Ctrl + H), enter appropriate values and click
    “Replace All”:
  15. Save the file.
  16. Import it into appropriate instance of GIS.


  1. To change Test Indicator from “T” to “P” for X12 ISA envelopes you should open the file in a text editor and search for all the “InterchangeTestIndicator” strings. You’ll see the following strings:

    And you need to replace



  2. You shouldn’t use this method to change Envelopes’ names/IDs – it won’t work properly. You could use this method only for Sender/Receiver IDs, Comments, Test Indicators and so on.
  3. You shouldn’t use global replace method to change strings like “NAME” to “SHORT_NAME” or “A” to “B” because you could change things you don’t want to change, including XML elements’ names. This method works perfectly for changing Sender and Receiver IDs, i.e. unique strings like 1234567890 to 0987654321.

Solution 2:

You also can make the appropriate changes in the GIS/SI database (tables gis_admin.envelope and gis_admin.envelope_parms) but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Gennady Kim


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