GIS/SI Envelopes Report (II)


Sometimes users need to have a detailed report about the envelopes they have in GIS/SI, but GIS doesn’t have such functionality. For example, you want to have a list of ISA/GS envelopes with the names, Sender/ReceiverIDs but there is no built-in functionality to get it easily. So, you have to check envelopes one by one (which is not very useful).

Solution 2

There is another solution for this problem (see Solution 1 here). GIS/SI stores envelopes information in the database, and if you have access to it and know SQL, you can get all the information you need.

There are 3 tables for the Envelopes:

  1. ENVELOPE. This table contains base information about all the envelopes and their versions – name, direction, comments, sender/receiver IDs and so on.
  2. ENVELOPE_PARMS. This table contains envelope-specific information (for example, “ISA IEA” envelopes are not the same as “GS GE” or “UNB UNZ Syntax 4” ones). It’s a key-value table (columns NAME and VALUE), linked to ENVELOPE table with using of ENVELOPE_ID foreign key.
  3. ENVELOPE_VERSIONS. This table contains information about envelopes’ default versions. It’s linked to ENVELOPE table with using of ENVELOPE_ID and DEFAULT_VERSION foreign keys.

So, to get the information about default envelopes and sender/receiver IDs you need to run an SQL query like this:

  gis_admin.envelope e,
  gis_admin.envelope_versions ev
  e.envelope_id = ev.envelope_id
  and e.envelope_version = ev.default_version

Gennady Kim


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