How to debug maps in GIS/SI (II)

Here is another way to debug maps in GIS/SI. You can use the “cerror” function and it’s more easier than using of the messagebox function – you don’t need to check the error messages in the GIS/SI logs.

From the help file:

The cerror function raises a compliance error. You typically specify this function as an action to be performed if a condition is false. This function is valid on the input side of a map only. There is also an optional third parameter you can supply-a string which is written to the translator report as part of the entry for the compliance error you are raising.

But you also can use this function to send messages from code to the map execution report (MapTestTxReport.xml). Example:

Gennady Kim

GIS/SI/Gentran Maps: right place for Extended Rules

Usually it’s possible to put the Extended rules at the different levels. I prefer to put them as high as I can because it’s easier to find them in the Map Editor – elements with extended rules have an asterisk on the icon picture. So, I don’t need to open nodes down to the deepest elements:

Also I use the left side (source) of the map for my extended rules in the most cases.

Gennady Kim

AS2 problems report (GIS)


Recently we had some problems with the outbound AS2 connection to one of our clients. I decided to check and analyze this situation and needed to gather information about all AS2 sessions between our servers. Our AS2 BP does 3 attempts to connect and if all of them failed, it sends an email to the support team.


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