SI Map Editor and Java

Working on a migration to SI 5.2 project, I installed a new version of Map Editor (8.***). But when I tried to test my map, I got an error: “A Java 1.7 Runtime Environment must be installed to use this function, but one could not be located. Please install a Java 1.7 Runtime Environment and retry this operation.”. I downloaded Java 1.7 JRE from here, installed it – but it didn’t help :-|. “java -version” gives me “1.7” but Map Editor didn’t “see” it. I checked the registry keys it looked for and found that it tried to use HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\JavaSoft\1.7 , but I didn’t have one. So, as a temporary solution I added it to the registry (just copied it from existing 1.6) – and now it works fine. Not sure about my “solution” here, but it works for me and I have no time to find out what was the exact reason of my problems.

Gennady Kim


7 thoughts on “SI Map Editor and Java

  1. Hi!

    Sometimes the original solution might be not working, because of different Java versions in the system, but here is a solution.

    To solve various Java Version issue and get know its exact version number, follow these steps:

    1. Open shell console by click Start/Run and enter “cmd” then press Enter.

    2. In console window type command:
    java -version
    and press Enter.
    Several lines appears with certain java version number. The most important line is something like this:
    java version “1.8.0_20”

    3. Copy value with version like “1.8.0_20” by right-click mouse, choose “select”, then select vesrion number on screen and again right-click mouse to copy it to the clipboard.

    4. Paste copied value into registry as described in original solution in this article.

    Note: Path to key in registry might be a little different than described in original solution, but it still should be possible to find “Sterling” substring.

    Above solution were verified and applied successfully.
    Good luck!

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