SAP IDoc Status Codes

Here are the IDoc status codes

For outbound documents

01	IDoc generated
02	Error passing data to port
03	Data passed to port OK
04	Error within control information of EDI subsystem
05	Error during translation
06	Translation OK
07	Error during syntax check
08	Syntax check OK
09	Error during interchange handling
10	Interchange handling OK
11	Error during dispatch
12	Dispatch OK
13	Retransmission OK
14	Interchange Acknowledgement positive
15	Interchange Acknowledgement negative
16	Functional Acknowledgement positive
17	Functional Acknowledgement negative
18	Triggering EDI subsystem OK
19	Data transfer for test OK
20	Error triggering EDI subsystem
21	Error passing data for test
22	Dispatch OK, acknowledgement still due
23	Error during retransmission
24	Control information of EDI subsystem OK
25	Processing despite syntax error (outbound)
26	Error during syntax check of IDoc (outbound)
27	Error in dispatch level (ALE service)
28	Not used
29	Error in ALE service
30	IDoc ready for dispatch (ALE service)
31	Error - no further processing
32	IDoc was edited
33	Original of an IDoc which was edited
34	Error in control record of IDoc
35	IDoc reloaded from archive
36	Electronic signature not performed (timeout)
37	IDoc added incorrectly
38	IDoc archived
39	IDoc is in the target system (ALE service)
40	Application document not created in target system
41	Application document created in target system
42	IDoc was created by test transaction

For inbound documents

50	IDoc added
51	Application document not posted
52	Application document not fully posted
53	Application document posted
54	Error during formal application check
55	Formal application check OK
56	IDoc with errors added
57	Test IDoc: Error during application check
58	IDoc copy from R/2 connection
59	Not used
60	Error during syntax check of IDoc (inbound)
61	Processing despite syntax error (inbound)
62	IDoc passed to application
63	Error passing IDoc to application
64	IDoc ready to be transferred to application
65	Error in ALE service
66	IDoc is waiting for predecessor IDoc (serialization)
67	Not used
68	Error - no further processing
69	IDoc was edited
70	Original of an IDoc which was edited
71	IDoc reloaded from archive
72	Not used, only R/2
73	IDoc archived
74	IDoc was created by test transaction

Gennady Kim


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