Basic SAP Transaction Codes for EDI guys

Here are some basic SAP transaction codes for those who are working in the field of EDI and uses SAP ERP:

WE02 – Display IDocs
It’s a search form, you can use different filter settings to narrow down the search results:

Search results. Red status means “something went wrong”, green – “OK”. Doubleclick on the IDoc you want to check.

IDoc’s details. Open the Status record node to check all the statuses

IDoc’s records and fields. Doubleclick on the record’s icon to see more details:

Record’s details:

WE19 – Test tool
If you need to re-process outbound IDoc, you need to use this transaction. Enter the IDoc number

…and click the “Standard outbound processing” button:

SM59 – Configuration of RFC connections
Use this transaction to setup a connection between SAP and your EAI

VA03 – search for the Sales Orders



Gennady Kim


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