GXS AI: Tutorial, lesson 7


to be continued

Gennady Kim


7 thoughts on “GXS AI: Tutorial, lesson 7

  1. Please continue .. i need guidence for developing map in gxs.. what is the difference between [] and if[] in rulebuilder of gxs ai workbench? How to use for loop ? if i want to have repeted filed in output like rff twice in map output how to loop this filed in map code? please guide..

    • about looping – there are several ways to implement them. First of all, you can use ARRAYs. Another way is using of a counter, like

      VAR->RFF_Cnt = 2

      and then something like

      RFF_GROUP_12_Check {
      [VAR->RFF_cnt == 0 ]
      VAR->RFF_cnt = VAR->RFF_cnt – 1
      }*1 .. 1 ;;

  2. what about if[] ? like if i wrote if[var->a==”add”] is this same as [var->a==”add”] ? both will have the same meening?
    Thanks in advance for reply.

    • according to the documentation, “Along with null conditions and conditional expressions, Application Integrator™ offers the IF, ELIF, and ELSE rules.”

      so, [] is the null condition; [var->a==”add”] is the conditional expression and if[var->a==”add”] is used when you want to use IF/ELIF/ELSE constructions. So if[var->a==”add”] is the same as [var->a==”add”] if there is no ELIF/ELSE

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