GXS AI: models analyzer

As I wrote before, I’m often trying to use/create some tools/scripts which helps me to do different things – build the test data, compare outputs or check the models. For example when I was working a lot with GXS AI I created a tool which showed me the list of the variables and arrays used in the maps + some “assumptions” (for example, if a variable is not used). Also, it generated a code to check all the arrays (they all should be empty at the end of the translation). It helped us to keep the maps clean. There is no Print to File option in GXS AI Workbench (like Sterling’s MapEditor has) so often it was hard to see the whole picture, especially when the map contained hundreds or thousands lines.

Such tool would also help you to migrate maps from GXS AI to Sterling GIS/SI (or another EAI) and back.

Here are some screenshots just to give you an idea:

Gennady Kim

22 thoughts on “GXS AI: models analyzer

  1. Hi Kim,

    Good Day..!!!
    Iam going through your papers and wondered about the usefull information you shared here.
    Actually i am looking for migration document from GXS AI to Sterling Integrtor like migration of maps, trading partners etc..,Kindly share me the info or documentsa if you have on this.Really it will be helpfull for me to proceed further.


    • Hi Amby,

      Unfortunately I don’t have any. I worked on a migration (GIS -> Sterling GIS) project and we decided to re-create all the maps manually. I was trying to create a tool to automate this process but finally we decided that it didn’t worth it.

  2. Hi Gennady,

    Was it helpful when recreating the maps to have the output from your Analyzer? If so, is the analyzer something you would share?

    Regards, Brian

  3. Hell Kim,

    Hope you are doing good.

    in GXS AI , I need help, I am working on outbound map and on the source side the structure is H D D D S and for every D record I need to create one ST and SE on Target side.

    Any help/idea much appreciated.


  4. Hi Gennady,
    How to create envelopes in trade guide ??? How to go with unix for deploying maps or can we use filezilla for the same??????????

    • not sure if I understand the problem with envelopes. Have you tried to add them yourself ?

      TradeGuide -> File -> New, select template (for example, X12), add Sender/Receiver IDs, save
      click on TP, select new and do the same for GS/GE envelopes

      About deploying – it depends on your system and shouldn’t be a problem. Filezilla is just a tool

  5. After craeting the Envelop in Trade Guide, how to use this set up in TGEG for testing maps? Which reference will keep the same in TGEG so that it can refer the TG configuraion? Is it the TG IS envelop Trading partner ID or the refernce number in SE level?

    • there is an “Export” option in TG. You can export your TP and maybe import it into Ent. Gateway, but as I wrote I haven’t worked with it

      Anyway, if you find and share your solution, it would be great šŸ™‚

  6. Hi Gennady,

    Would you mind sharing the tool. GXS AI is dying tool apparently, but want to use this wonderful tool before it is completely died out.


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