Sterling GIS/SI: problems with the disk space

A post about the Backup Service – again. If your GIS/SI saves archive data on disk and you do not clean it up from time to time, one day you might run out of space on this disc, Backup Service will stop working (“Error running backup”) and you might get a bunch of problems I described before. To prevent it you should control the archive folders and delete them from time to time.

First of all, you should know where these folders are located. Go to Operations > Archive Manager > Configure Archive Settings in the Dashboard and check Backup Directory setting:backup_disk_problem

If you open this directory, you’ll see a lot of subdirectories with the names in YYYYMMDD format, or something like this. You actually don’t need them all, especially the old ones (I would say the ones which are 2+ months old). So, you can move them to another disk and then delete the old directories. Or, you can simply delete all the old directories – you don’t need them in 99.99% cases. Some people think that they could use these backups for a Disaster Recovery, but it’s not true – they contain detailed information mostly from CORRELATION_SET, WORKFLOW_CONTEXT and so on. So, usually 2 months later you don’t need them (I hope your BPs save all the I/O documents separately?)

So, if you’re running out of space, you should delete the old directories and create some kind of a scheduled job which will be deleting old directories from time to time – to keep the system nice and clean.

Gennady Kim


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