Sterling GIS/SI: a “strange” 10 years lifespan

Working with our client’s SI 5.2.4 I saw that some BPs store data for 10 years in the database, in spite of the LifeSpan of 15 days. I tried to find all the BPs with this strange behavior:

select * from WFD where WFD_ID in
  (select WFD_ID from WF_INST_S where WORKFLOW_ID in
    (select WF_ID from ARCHIVE_INFO where
        CONVERT(varchar(10), archive_date, 11) like '24/%')
    group by WFD_ID, WFD_VERSION)

And found, that all these BPs call for Mailbox. On the IBM Support portal I found the reason of it: FAQ: Who is responsible for deleting the files on file system if BP storage is set to file system:
– mailbox actions will lead to a life span of 10 years, so that a download is possible.

Gennady Kim


One thought on “Sterling GIS/SI: a “strange” 10 years lifespan

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