Sterling GIS/SI: DB: Business Processes

In my previous post I described how the Envelopes’ records are organized in the DB. Now I’m going to describe the Business Processes. They have similar structure – main table (WFD) and versions (WFD_VERSIONS). But also there are more tables – for example WFD_XML and DATA_TABLE. WFD_XML is a “link” between BPs and XML content/source of the BPs. DATA_TABLE contains data in binary format – maps, BPs and so on. Not sure for 100% about 5.2, but in 4.3 these binary fields contain serialized Java objects.

OK, SQL queries – just to give you an idea:

select w.* from WFD w, WFD_VERSIONS wv
        w.WFD_ID = wv.WFD_ID
        and w.WFD_VERSION = wv.WFD_VERSION
        and w.NAME = 'Alert';
select dt.* from WFD_XML wx, DATA_TABLE dt
        wx.WFD_ID = {ID here}
        and wx.WFD_VERSION = 1
        and wx.XML = dt.DATA_ID;

… and a screenshot:

Why might you need to have access to the DB/BPs? Usually it’s enough to have access to BPs via the Web Dashboard only. But sometimes you need to know how BPs are organized in the DB. For example, recently I described some problems with 10 years Life Span and I used the tables described above.

Gennady Kim


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