GIS/SI: the DB growth, part 2

Just an update about an old post about the DB growth. We got the same locks again in June, in July and finally in August. One time – incident, two times – co-incident, and 3 times – a rule. So, I decided to dive into the problem. The DB is on MS SQL Server so I opened the System Log and tried to find all the reboots of this machine. I used Event ID #6006 – Event Log has stopped. And it turned out that the locks occurred exactly on the same days as the server reboots. I didn’t know about these reboots – I believe we’ll have to discuss them with the SQL guys who are responsible for the maintenance.

How to prevent this from happening in the future ? Of course, we can unlock the DB manually every time the SQL server is rebooted. But maybe it would be easier to create a SQL Job which will check the LOCKS table for the old locks from the Purge service… I haven’t decided yet.

Gennady Kim


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