GIS/SI: DB: Workflow

Now let me show how to find WorkFlow instances. For example, in my previous post about the DB structure I described how to find a BP in the DB. When GIS/SI executes a BP, it creates a set of records in the DB – you can find them through “BP/Monitor/Current Processes” or “BP/Monitor/Central Search” or “Advanced Search”. The main table for these records is WF_INST_S. Steps are stored in WORKFLOW_CONTEXT.

For example (see the screenshot below), your BP instance ID is 12345. To find the appropriate DB records run the following DB queries:

select * from WF_INST_S wis
        wis.WORKFLOW_ID = 12345;
select wc.STEP_ID, wc.SERVICE_NAME, wc.* from WORKFLOW_CONTEXT wc
        wc.WORKFLOW_ID = 12345;

A screenshot:

Gennady Kim


3 thoughts on “GIS/SI: DB: Workflow

  1. Hi,
    Did you ever find a sql request wich link the workflow id (at the translation step) to the map which is called?
    Thanks in advance.

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