Building Specs/Designs/MRGs automatically (from XML data)

I’ve enhanced a little the XSLT described here. First version could build the structures only, and we decided to add DDF files (Gentran/GIS/SI model format) as the formats (X12, EDIFACT, IDocs, etc) libraries. Now we can get not only the structure, but also descriptions, data types, optional/mandatory and qualifiers with descriptions. These specs were built automatically, I added colored backgrounds only:



Just an idea, this time I won’t share my code here.

Gennady Kim


3 thoughts on “Building Specs/Designs/MRGs automatically (from XML data)

  1. I found your blog searching for a solution to my problem.

    Using GXS AI with XML data as the input. My maps always work but in this case the data is giving me a problem.

    In the data I get

    Rue des Lilas D’Espagne 77/81

    Because in AI we have the delimiter set as this:

    When it gets to the “/” in the data it sees it as a delimiter and then the map fails.

    Is there any way around this problem?
    Greg Sweet

    • Hi Greg,

      Sorry for delay. You should use XML pre-processor otxmlcanon.exe. It will “fix” your XML. For example, in your s-model:

      SET_FIRST_DELIM(62) ; >
      SET_SECOND_DELIM(60) ; <
      SET_THIRD_DELIM(47) ; /
      SET_FOURTH_DELIM(34) ; "
      SET_FIFTH_DELIM(39) ; ,
      SET_RELEASE(92) ; \ – this one is important

    • your XML should be “fixed” to replace “Rue des Lilas D’Espagne 77/81” with “Rue des Lilas D’Espagne 77\/81” (“/” -> “\/”, using the release character). You can change it manually in your test file and you’ll see that it works. But there is a pre-processor “otxmlcanon.exe”, you can run it as:

      otxmlcanon.exe -r \ _in.xml

      and it’ll change your XML accordingly.

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