Typical X12/EDIFACT/SAP IDoc mapping: Reference Information

Reference Information – REF in X12, RFF (+DTM) in EDIFACT and E1EDK02 in ORDERS05 IDoc

Entity X12 (4010) EDIFACT (D96A) SAP IDoc (ORDERS05)
Reference Information REF segment RFF group E1EDK02 record
  Type REF-01 (128), Reference Ident Qual RFF-01C01 (C506 / 1153), Reference qualifier E1EDK02 / QUALF, IDOC qualifier reference document
  Reference value REF-02 (127), Reference Ident RFF-01C02 (C506 / 1154), Reference number E1EDK02 / BELNR, IDOC document number
  Item Number RFF-01C03 (C506 / 1156), Line number E1EDK02 / POSNR, Item number
  Reference Date DTM segment in RFF group E1EDK02 / DATUM, IDOC: Date

Gennady Kim


4 thoughts on “Typical X12/EDIFACT/SAP IDoc mapping: Reference Information

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