Typical X12/EDIFACT/SAP IDoc mapping: Hazardous Materials / Dangerous Goods

Recently I’ve been working with different logistic documents (SAP IDoc/X12/EDIFACT and CIDX/ChemXML) which contain information about Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods. I used a lot of sources to find information about the data and its usage, and want to share my humble knowledge here.

As always, it is just an idea, and your implementation might be different. But in the most cases the core logic will follow this idea. Mention should be made that HazMat data is very important and you must understand what you are doing. If you have any concerns, or not sure you understand it completely – you must contact subject matter experts (SMEs). This article is more about “HazMat data from EDI point of view” rather than ready-to-use implementation guide.
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