Typical X12/EDIFACT/SAP IDoc mapping: relationship between different O2C business concepts and SAP IDoc/X12/EDIFACT structures

In the following table I’ve tried to connect typical business concepts used in order to cash (O2C) process and EDI documents’ groups/loop, segments/records and elements/fields.
I used structures from SAP IDoc of ORDERS05, INVOIC02 and DELVRY03 (but it could be applied to other DELVRY* and SHPMNT* messages); X12 of 850 (Purchase Order), 810 (Invoice) and 856 (Advanced Ship Notice); EDIFACT – segments used everywhere (ORDERS, INVOIC and DESADV in particular)

This table is based on my experience and your implementation might be different. Please also take into account that different formats might use different codelists so you cannot map codes as is – you’ll need a code conversion.

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