webMethods: how to create an XSD schema (2)

UPD (22 Oct 2014): The original createXSD doesn’t work properly in some cases, so now I’m using both createXSD and my XSLT

My previous post about XSL for converting NDF into XSD was a try to “reinvent a wheel”. There is a native way to do the same in WM – WmPublic/pub/schema/createXSD 🙂 I didn’t know about it, but now I do know. Sometimes I have to change generated XSDs but anyway I think it’s easier to use built-in methods. Well, lesson learned – ask an expert first 🙂

Gennady Kim

webMethods: how to create an XSD schema from NDF structure definition file(s)

One of our clients uses webMethods for EAI. I’m not a big expert in webMethods (WM), I know only my part – EAI, partners setup, testing and map development. WM uses it’s own way for the structures definition. I cannot use it in my work, I need standard XSD or at least DTD files. So I decided to find a way to somehow export or convert those NDF files into XSD. These NDF files are in XML format so I decided to develop an XSLT to transform them into XSD. Now I’d like to share it with you. Mention should be made that I’m not an WM expert – maybe this XSLT works for only these particular NDF files and won’t work for all the others, but if you have a similar task – just give it a try and please let me know if it works for you or not. Sometimes there are more than just one NDF file to describe the structure – my XSLT supports such cases (a variable “base” at the beginning is for the folder’s name). It might require some explanation. If you have problems with it – I could try to help, feel free to contact me (there is a contact form)

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